Lighting your event or wedding has become more and more popular.  Lighting can turn any event space from boring to spectacular with a few well placed LED lights. LED uplights can be programmed into many different colors and be placed along walls, behind head tables on backdrops, at entrances pretty or much anywhere there is power available.

Head table underlighting can be a show stopper in room especially when the head table is elevated on risers.  Lighting your Cake table, buffet, dessert or candy buffet can add a fun, festive feel to any wedding, quinceanera, holiday or corporate event. 

The newest addition to our lighting  collection is monogram or logo lighting. We can create your initials in a  monogram a company logo and project that on dance floors, ceilings, behind head tables, on blank walls or fireplaces.  It is a fabulous look and an awesome way to personalize your wedding, party, prom or corporate event.  We can also project non personalized images such as snowflakes, hearts, trees, nature, animals to name a just few options.   

Creative License can also provide café style lighting for your event space.  Café lights give a rustic and outdoor feel to your event space.  We carry two types of café lighting.  White wire with frosted bulbs is perfect for winter wedding and has a more elegant look.  Our black wire with clear bulbs is reminiscent of a more vintage farm look or outdoor European patio.  Café lighting cannot be use with fabric as it give off more heat than delicate fabric can take.

Paper lanterns are another fun, festive way to add some color to your ceiling or dance floor.  We carry a huge assortment of paper lanterns in tons of colors and sizes.  We recommend using  16"-20" lanterns in most event spaces, anything smaller won't give you the effect you are looking for.  In some spaces with tall vaulted ceiling  we have done 24"-30" lanterns but those are for the high ceilings.  We always recommend lighting your lanterns because at night the effect is truly amazing.  We light our lanterns with long life LED battery lights with a remote control.  These will last the entire night of your event.     


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